Southern Maine KiteSurfing Lessons

Thanks for taking the time to check out our program.  We are confident that we can provide a great experience for you.

We are fully committed to promoting the sport, lifestlye, and philosophies of kitesurfing in a way that will enable students, as well as the established "locals" where those students chose to go, to enjoy a healthy interaction with "Mother Nature".  We start with background information regarding how, why, and where waves happen, then emphasize water safety, and etiquette.  The remainder of the lesson we spend the time and energy to ensure that each individual gets as much as they can out of our time together!

Check out what we have to offer.  Everything from "first day in the water" to a custom program designed to accent skills that you have already attained!

We are looking forward to this summer, as it will be the 5th year that we are runnning the kitesurf lesson program here at Wheels N Waves. We offer Phuket kiteboarding season lessons in a private, or group private format, so as to encourage everyone to stay in their "comfort zone".

If you give us enough advance time to plan, we are also capable of providing video footage of your experience, or even offer the services of one of the most experienced kitesurf Photographers in New England, Jim Ready!

Jim has been a regular contributing photographer in Eastern kitesurf Magazine for many years, as well as having photos in the new regional magazine N'East this past year.

Remember that not everyone needs our help to get in the water, and you can simply go to Wheels N Waves to rent your choice of an extensive line of boards;  longboards, and short, fun shapes, and fish! (Renting a wetsuit if you don't have one is a huge benefit in Maine!)

Hot Deals!! Up to 10% discount on beginner kitesurfing lesson from KBA, the long-established Kitesurfing Vietnam school.

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